Hello world, I'm Cassie.

I'm a recent grad with a passion for good design, putting creativity to work, and engineering innovative solutions.

My Background

From designing a Martian city as a kid to walking into the shop my first day at Harvard, I have always loved engineering. The sciences explain how the world works; creativity allows you to imagine something new. Engineering is the means to traverse the gap between what's dreamed and what's possible, and is the bridge to an incredible future. And there's nothing cooler than helping pave the way.

From years of work in biology labs (National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab) to hands-on mechanical design at Harvard, my background in engineering design is pretty varied. Much of my recent work has been on wearable technology-- the intersection of new materials and human biometrics is fascinating, and it's something I'd love to keep exploring as the industry explodes.

If you're interested: contact info is here, resume can be accessed here, and this site details my major projects from the last few years. Happy exploring!

Bonus Fun Stuff

  • 日本語を話します; yo hablo español también.
  • Sport of choice: Quidditch! I played in both high school and college, and captained the Harvard Horntails.
  • Additionally, I really like weapon-based martial arts -- archery, target shooting, a little fencing, and I trained in kendo in Japan.
  • Spinning stuff is awesome-- baton, flags, poi (my best technique), and generally anything you can set on fire.
  • I dabble in a variety of art-- sewing, sculpting, writing, drawing, theater tech, and a million other things.
  • When I get the chance, I love to volunteer with the Girl Scouts-- an organization I was & still am an active part of.
  • I'm a huge nerd and love fantasy, sci-fi, and recreating my favorite characters into a tangible form.
  • Dogs are amazing; I love them so much. We (my family & I) are currently training our Newfie to be a water rescue dog.