GaitorAID: Running Feedback Tool Coursework Design Project

Project Description

Coursework design project (ES227, Medical Device Design).

Student Team: Cassie Lowell, Jessi Herrmann, Harnek Gulati, Frank DuBose.

Advisors: Hao Su (PhD student), Prof. Conor Walsh.

In conjunction with the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering , & the Spaulding National Running Center.

The student team designed a wearable sensor that can monitor a runner’s tibial angle and tibial acceleration in the field via an inertial measurement unit (IMU). The device can segment the gait cycle in real time, and utilize an algorithm that determines overstride. The device uses the algorithm’s calculations to provide real-time feedback to the user to help correct running form and prevent injury.

Project Details

  • Sensor is placed on a specialized compression sock during wear, but is removable for washing
  • Includes a one-step calibration for optimizing data collection
  • Provides real-time visual feedback to runner about form
  • Algorithm effectiveness confirmed with motion capture at the Harvard Medical School

Demo: GaitorAID at the Gym

Video demonstrating how to put on the device, and how it can be used to receive real-time feedback about form at the gym.

Compression Sock

Main wearable component, with sensor holder

System Overview Diagram

The main components of the design process.